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Sometimes you just need an outsider’s opinion & advice.  Consulting options include:

  • Team Health Check

    The team has been together for a while & it’s rocking & rolling.  This assessment looks at key team metrics to see how the team is performing with respect to productivity, communication, individual happiness, and sustainability, with recommendations to support the continuing evolution of the team.

  • Readiness Assessment

    How ready is an organization to make a change like an Agile adoption?   This assessment maps out the current state of the organization in key areas and recommends specific actions or preparation prior to the adoption.

  • Agile Health Check

    So your organization has been “Agile” for a while.  People have come & gone.  The practice has evolved.   The group is “doing” Agile.  Are they “being” Agile too?   What’s working and what might need adjustment or even rebooting?

  • Facilitation

    Sometimes you just need an outsider to facilitate a meeting, discussion or program retrospective.  Powered By Teams brings an objective outsider’s perspective to the event – allowing everyone else to fully participate in the discussions.   Armed with legible handwriting, sweet curiosity, well-timed questions, and a sense of humor – we will design and facilitate working sessions for your group that deliver.

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