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Powered By Teams

Everyone would like a recipe for high performing teams. Take one part availability; two parts experience; add the process methodology of the day, sprinkle liberally with inspiration, pizza and post-it notes. Bake over a team offsite – and voila! Extraordinary team results. Yeah…. No. If only it were that easy.

Powered By Teams believes our strength lies in people. We believe that people – not technology, management fads or complicated processes are the key to success. Our focus is on developing extraordinary teams that deliver value. We are committed to creating, engaging and inspiring teams to achieve extraordinary results and exponential success while experiencing fun & joy.

We use proven frameworks, including Agile, to help teams form, norm and perform at spectacular levels. Through assessments, workshops, consulting and coaching we help teams break through obstacles, collaborate, communicate and get the right things done right.

And what about fun & joy at work? We believe that the best work is done by teams in a state of flow & fun – where work is play – and there is joy in what the team is creating together. In our recipe for team success, our workshops teach using games, simulations and activities designed to fully engage both sides of the brain. Sprinkle in games from the world of Applied Improv and serve with skilled facilitation gently guiding the group to discover new ways of working together. Yields empowering results.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley – Powered by Teams serves teams in the start-up community, as well as established enterprises of all sizes, nonprofits and academia worldwide.