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Looking for an engaging speaker to bring energy, power and fun to your group?  Let’s put a session together that will have folks out of their seats – learning, sharing and have a ton of fun!   Many of our learning games can be adapted to short talks that will keep your group from falling asleep at their next meeting!

2016 Speaking Engagements

  • Narika.org – “Goal Setting & Aspirational Collages”
  • Scrum Alliance – Scrum Gathering Orlando – “It Was a Dark and Stormy Sprint – Tell Us a Scrum Team Story”
  • Agile Games 2016 – Deep dive workshop – “Agile Games – The Neurology of Effective Learning”
  • Agile Games 2016 – Fast Games –  “Scrum or Not”
  • Agile 2016 – “Body Talk – It’s Not Just What You Say that Counts”
  • Agile 2016 – “The Neurology of Learning – Your Brain on Agile Games”

Let's Talk!

Let’s talk about a talk!  Lots of topics, ideas & activities
can make your group’s next meeting memorable!